About Manus

Manus Sinistra is an osteopathic student's society at the University College of Osteopathy in London, UK. Our aim is to provide a forum for students to explore aspects of osteopathy that may not be touched on within the curriculum. Manus Sinistra is the largest and most active osteopathic student society in Europe and ogrganises an exciting annual schedule of talks, courses and events.


Founded in 2001 by Caren Hallahan, Brian Drumm and Vanisha Kumar when they were 3rd year students at the British School of Osteopathy. Manus was born out an argument that took place in Andrew Cotton’s Concepts of Osteopathy lecture between Caren and Andrew, with Caren suggesting there was a disparity between the Principles of Osteopathy and what took place in the school’s clinic. Vanisha who was in the same class suggested what was needed was student led program of guest lecturers to explore in a bit more depth aspects of osteopathy that might only be briefly touched on in the undergraduate curriculum.

The Inaugural Manus Sinistra lecture was by John Wernham and  intitled Action and Reaction. He was 95 years of age at the time. From the interest generated, the JWCCO set up the Foundation course in classical Osteopathy for 3rd and 4th year students as well as practitioners